Photography/Art Journal

Yes, staying indoors for a year has sucked but honestly, a part of me is glad it happened because if it didn't, I would not have been able to learn most of what I know today about using Photoshop and Lightroom. I genuinely think everything I make is trash but my friends disagree. While I may not dote over what I make, I'm proud of them and psyched that I get to share what I've been upto since the last few months. I haven't shot most of these pictures but they were all edited extensively by me and any artwork you see here was made by yours truly. I'll indicate which pictures were taken by me. You'll see a few phrases in Spanish because I think they sound too plain in English. And given that they're made by me, prepare for the most psychedelic, unearthly, and unique (in one way or another) pictures you'll ever see. Enjoy!

"Are you gonna forget?" Made by yours truly.
Disney World, Florida, 2018. Shot & edited by me.
Two sides to every story. Edited by me.
Can you tell I was trying to give this a "Call Me By Your Name" vibe? Edited by me.
"When I See Those Eyes". Edited by me.
Edited by me.
Another picture that looks like a scene from "Call Me By Your Name". Edited by me.
This could've been so much better. Made by me.
Downtown Manhattan - my favourite picture from my gallery. Edited & shot by me.
Just something to soothe your eyes. Edited by me.
Library of Congress, Washington DC, 2018 - a time & place I'd rather be in. Shot & edited by me.
Reflections #1. I'm very proud of this one. Edited by me.
Currently reminiscing summer of '18 in Florida more than I can express. Shot & edited by me.
Reflections #2. Pretty cool, no? Edited by me.
Inspired by countless Indie songs. Edited by me.
Reflections #3: A Road To Nowhere. Edited by me.