Petitions and GoFundMe Links

The world's a pretty shitty place sometimes. But luckily, we the people have the power to make the change we desire and need. Sure, we can't go to every protest but we can put an end to so many brutal injustices with a simple click. Fighting the good fight is that easy. I urge you to put down whatever you're doing for just a minute because trust me, a few moments of your time can save someone's life.

Here are the categories and links:

Climate Change & Global Warming:

People's Climate Case:

Protect the Amazon:

Declare Climate Change as an emergency in India:

Make the White House declare climate change emergency:

Make climate change lessons compulsory in British schools:

Help Canada's youth in demanding climate change actions:

Violence Against Women/LBGTQ+

Proposal for Sarah Everard's Law:

Stop sexual violence against woman in Chile:ública-de-chile-stop-sexual-violence-against-women-in-chile-21e2e3fa-bc20-488c-bf8b-2934adb4b5b8

Justice for Ee Lee:

Issues in India:

Justice for Indian farmers:

Save the rainforest in North-East India:

Help in setting up a Transgender Board in Delhi:

Help in setting up a national sex offender registry in India:

Racial Inequality:

Condemn Asian hate crimes:

Take a stand against Asian hate crimes in the UK:

End hate crimes against Asian-Americans:

Justice for Jacob Blake:

Justice for Elijah McCain:

Justice for Dominique Fells:

Ban the use of rubber bullets for crowd control:

Justice for David McAtee:

Petition to take down all statues of slave traders in the UK:

Violence Against Minors:

Justice for Oliver Lucas Stevens:

Justice for Shukri Abdi:

Bring accountability to sexual violence at Glenbard South:

End child marriage in Massachusetts:

End child marriage in California:

End child marriage:

I'll constantly be updating this page so if you know or have any petitions, email the links to or DM the link to me. Thank you for your help and time.