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State-wise resources:

Nationwide plasma helpline numbers:

List of numbers to call for beds & ambulances (Mumbai only):

Helpline numbers, treatments, ambulance, hospital beds, oxygen suppliers, and medicines:

Maharashtra COVID support:

Learn about plasma donation:

Important links regarding blood plasma availability:

Maharashtra restrictions:

List of COVID-19 relief funds and charities you can donate to:

Pune Remdisvir and Tocilizumab providers:

NATIONWIDE helplines, state-wise support, plasma requirement/donation:

NATIONWIDE resources:

Very important information for care-takers of COVID patients:

List of meal providers for COVID patients (NATIONWIDE):

Important list of helplines and links:

Guide to recovering from COVID-19 at home:

List of must-have mental health resources for dealing with the pandemic:

Chandigarh/Tricity COVID help:

Kolkata resources:

Important helplines (West Bengal):

Twitter thread with important resources and information: