About Me

Random Note About Myself, 29th May, 2021

Verum est lumen, quod ponam te liberum - the truth is the light that will set you free.


"Who are you?" A question that sounds so simple yet has always felt so annoying. Well, my name is Rayansh Singh and I have a love-hate relationship with describing myself. I'm 16 years old and I'm a high school student from India.


Writing churns my mind and compels me to think. That's why I've always enjoyed being in front of keyboards and even paper (with the rare exception of exams). I find it easy to lose myself in internet loopholes about everything from Nazi Germany to Billie Eilish's music. This strange fascination with learning more about the world around me along with my love for writing and the free time I had during 2020 encouraged me to create my own online publication. It's the best decision I've ever made.

I think the people closest to me would describe me as loyal, creative, funny, brutally honest, and borderline ADHD. I love all aspects of music more than I can express. I listen to everything from Travis Scott to Lana Del Rey to Nirvana. I enjoy making playlists & exploring new genres. I'm an intermediate keyboard player and I used to do music production for a while too. 

I'm not a huge sports fan so if you ask me about last night's game's score, don't expect an answer. Even though I don't follow games, I love a good run, skateboarding and cycling. 

I've always had a deep and very unrequited love for languages. I speak five, actually. They're English, Hindi, Spanish, French, & Italian. While I'm bragging, I think I should also mention that I can read Greek & introduce myself in German. I'm only fluent in two: English & Hindi (but my Hindi has gotten much worse). I want to get better at Spanish & Italian because I find them to be extremely elegant languages.

I'm so glad you're here! I can't wait for you to read articles on every topic from issues that torment our world to some of your favourite musical artists. Stick around & subscribe.

PS: I assure you this miserably random note about myself doesn't reflect my posts at all. Explore what I've written. I think you'd like it. and while you're at it, do let me know what you think!